“You could buy a BMW for the price of this thing. It used to be that you put your name on the list and then you wait for years to get one, but this was given to me by the maker, Bob Kramer, at a very reasonable price. He forges his own steel using all the different elements-there are pieces of meteorite in there! He beats it until it’s insanely hot, and pounds it and folds it and pounds it-It don’t know how many hundreds of layers. It’s like a mille-feuille. I don’t trust anyone else to touch it.
There’s an old superstition that you can’t trust your knife until you cut yourself with it-so until then, you have to be wary of it. Once you nick yourself, your relationship can begin. I am not looking forward to my first cut with this. It will literally nick your finger off very, very quickly. And I like my fingers.

I’m afraid of it. I fear the knife.”

-As told to Julia Black, For Esquire Magazine